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Did You Know?

Manufacturers Regularly Scheduled Maintenance saves you money!

We want to you to understand how you can save money!

Considering the average cost and complexity of a new, or used
vehicle, you may be penny-wise and dollar-foolish if you neglect
routine maintenance.

Routine maintenance ensures top gas mileage, getting the best wear
from your tires, system flushes ensure top performance and longevity
of your engine, tune ups ensure the best performance of your
computer related systems that help with engine performance as well as
all computer related sensors that run today’s modern vehicles

A little known fact is that 75% of your vehicle is run by computer related
systems, from starting your car to sensors for brakes, vehicle stability,
and even your transmission.

For most people, a vehicle is a major investment, second only to
buying a house.

A National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) study
found that at least half of consumers neglect routine maintenance, with
young people being the least likely to keep up with service schedules.

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Merrill Axle and Wheel has been
providing quality car care in
Lakewood, CO since 1928.
We are a family owned business
delivering honest and professional
automotive repair, and auto
maintenance services to the people
of Lakewood, and surrounding areas.
Let us take care of all your vehicles
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